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The GOP is hell-bent on denying change. Over the last few years, the right side of the spectrum has gotten itself in increasing trouble over racial equality. Either by ignoring racist remarks, making some themselves, or condoning others to do the same. Examples can be seen in GOP senators’, governors’, or even Donald Trump’s statements. The latest example is in recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd and other African Americans. Protests and riots spawned across the nation and the GOP was more concerned with property than the cause for suffering. Some even decided to speak out against the protests. When the Democrats released a plan to help combat police brutality, Republicans were quick to shoot it down. Why is the GOP so hard set it seems to maintain a broken system?

America’s Racist Infrastructure

American systems have since our foundation been based on upper class exploiting lower class citizens. It is what inevitably led to the civil war and civil rights oppression. Our system, until the end of the civil war, was based on exploiting African Americans for labor and profits. Afterward, African Americans were mistreated and segregated once again for upper-class gains. An example would be the American urban infrastructure and suburbs.

Have you noticed many African Americans live in a more densely packed and poor neighborhood? Many GOP advocates and lobbyists own large amounts of property that benefit from this divide. According to Brookings.edu, “At $171,000, the net worth of a typical white family is nearly ten times greater than that of a Black family ($17,150) in 2016.” America’s urban infrastructure was built by dividing areas into “white living areas” and “black living areas.” Community funding and tax dollars went into making white neighborhoods. Education was funded in white areas. However, it was neglected in black neighborhoods.

And example of GOP segregation against African Americans.
Above is a map of Cleveland, Ohio, showing the divide between racial neighborhoods. Red being dangerous (black). Yellow being moderate. Green being desirable (white). (Ohio State University Libraries)

During segregation times, it was nearly impossible for an African American to get approved for a loan in a white neighborhood. As a result, this would trap African Americans in a lower strata neighborhood with less opportunity. Many advocates are rejecting change own large amounts of property in these areas. They benefit off traping African American families where they are, and also raising white neighborhoods property values under the pretense of being “More safe and desirable.”

Our Correctional System

The correctional system also plays right into the GOP’s wallet. Private owned prisons profit over inmates. Often working to keep inmates in prison rather than reform them to receive hefty bonuses. According to the NAACP, “African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites.” Often these prisons are owned by rich upper-class republicans and profit from the targeting of minorities, which is often the reason why sentencing is harsher on African Americans and other minorities. Only the upper-class benefits too much on the unjust imprisonment of African Americans. Which typically is the GOP.

The system our government currently has in place in nearly all aspects of American life is designed to exploit them for the gain of rich upper-class people. There are many examples. This exploitation can be seen in almost all aspects of our life, including healthcare. In most cases, the ones in charge of our laws, the GOP, are the ones who own vast amounts in companies that profit off our exploitation. They spend their money lobbying against change. Change is necessary to ensure equal treatment and fairness to all Americans—especially African Americans, who need our help. Together we can change our country to be a better place. It starts with fighting racial inequality. It starts at your local election.

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