Racist Woman Shouts at Protesters In Branson, Missouri


On Fathers Day protests rallied on Highway 76 outside a confederate themed store named Dixie Outfitters in Branson, Missouri. Protests have been peaceful with no major incidents for weeks in Branson. However, it came to light recently of Dixie Outfitters’ relationship to the KKK. The store surely being a blemish on the small-town community is the scene Black Lives Matter protests outside the store. Yesterday Confederate supporters and counter-protesters gathered. Police showed to keep the peace, and soon, a shouting match unfolded.

Video taken from Heath Goetsch outside of Dixie Outfitters on Fathers Day.

A Confederate Trump supporter began screaming that she was going to “Teach her grandkids to hate you all,” referring to black lives matter protesters and likely African Americans. She later confirmed she believed in hate by KKK principles.

Protesters cannot protest in the parking lot of Dixie Outfitters. However, the Confederate supporters can.

A Piece Of Opinion

It is argued that they are “Southern Heritage” supporters. But the Confederacy is not a symbol of southern pride. It is a representation of southern hate. The entire premise of the Confederacy is built on hatred, not southern culture and values. You cannot be a patriot of American and proud of the Confederacy. It is equivalent to being a supporter of the Japanese at pearl harbor or Nazis and claiming to be patriotic about it.

The small town of Branson has been growing in action to root out racism in its small tourist town. Many places rooted in past generations and unnoticed racists. However, things have begun to shift, and racist supporters are coming out to protect their twisted values and being called out. The youth in town are showing themselves to be worthy of what southern pride should be. And that is outspoken against hate and brutality.

Small Town In National Headlines

Confederate woman yells at protesters in Branson, Missouri.
Taken from a post on Branson Buzz Facebook page.

Let is be known that hate has no place in Branson, Missouri, or anywhere else in this nation. The Confederacy was a regime of terror built on hate and has no place to be honored. Instead, it is a piece of history that belongs in a museum to remember our hate. It can be agreed that it is important to remember the Nazis and their atrocities, but we do not see statues and monuments to them. They are only found in museums where they, and the Confederacy belongs. They are a reminder of our past mistakes and should be nothing more than a lesson.

While the police department has decided to stay neutral and only protect the peace, it is noteworthy to know they have vowed protection of Black Lives Matter protesters. In recent weeks they have been crucial in protected and de-escalating any threats to the people voicing their opinions. While systematic change is a must in our nation, the Branson PD has seemingly been a prime example of the right way to handle protests.

It is likely the protests will gain more traction due to national attention brought to them by the video above.

There is a meeting in town hall Tuesday, June 23rd, at 6 pm CST to discuss the protests and issues facing the community as Branson comes to terms with rapidly growing Covid-19 cases and national tourism.

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