Opinion: Racism In America. But You Can Stop It


After the murder of George Floyd, riots and protests erupted across America. His death was a boiling point for decades of racial tension and police brutality. Videos surfacing of the demonstrations show the brutality of police upon often helpless citizens or media. These videos highlight the racism in America. But you can stop it.

You may have seen a lot on both sides of this situation. People are outspoken, fearing for the lives of minorities or others more concerned with property and business. Yes, it’s terrible what these riots have done to innocent people and businesses. However, these events are caused by decades of oppressed anger over injustice. The fear that people feel for their safety and lively hoods is the same fear that minorities across America feel every day. Innocent people and businesses should not get hurt, but neither should non-white Americans for living their lives like everyone else. Those who are more concerned with the property, mundane things, and economy over justice equality have their priorities wrong.

Hate is bread through ignorance—a passing of tradition, a fear of the unknown, or unchecked false information. The uneducated mind is vulnerable to the chains of hate. However, hate is not natural; it is taught. But we can stop it. Children in default nature do not notice skin color or differences; they see others as people. It isn’t until they are old enough to learn of racism do they see people differently. Ignorance is the leading cause of racism in America. However, we can stop it.

Racism in America. But you can stop it.
Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck before during his murder. (Darnella Frazier via AP)

Education In The Battle Against Hate

How do we as people fix this? We change our institutions. In what way, you may ask.

If we promote our school systems to educate students on the scientific and proven facts of what causes racial diversity, if students understand why people are of different skin color and complexion, they will be less fearful. A focus on education is key to combating racism and hate. Teach students that all people are equal, based on facts and science.

Schools should promote to teach the cultures of other people and nations. To require students to learn world religions not on a spiritual level but an educational degree. Also, To see the commonality of things between themselves and other beliefs and cultures. I know countless less educated people, for instance, who fear other countries because they have no knowledge or exposure to them. They refuse to try due to a lack of exposure at a younger age.

People fear the unknown. If they feel that another culture, religion, or race is unknown, they fear. Exposure is the key to acceptance. Every American needs to be taught about those different from them in public schools. Schools need to teach foreign languages as a curriculum requirement. Preparing foreign languages will remove the notion that “This is America, speak English” that so many intolerant people say.

Teaching our future generations all of the knowledge above will combat hate. It will conflict the ignorance and intolerance parents or grandparents may pass down to their children. It will denounce their racist values based on history.

How To Change Our Current Systems

Our current institutions allow authorities to commit acts of injustice. The established procedures leave room for corruption. While there are good cops, silence is compliance. Officers need to speak out against the injustice they see. The current system allows police like Derek Chauvin to have a long history of police brutality go unpunished. The same institution is the one that is enabling these police to brutalize peaceful protesters with no consequence. It allows police near immunity for many convictions. The elected officials that are supposed to hold those accountable are instead enabling their behavior.

The way to change this system is to vote out corrupt officials and allow transparency of police brutality reports. If people can hold our officials accountable, the system will improve. Due to corrupt elected people, many instances go unheard of and unpunished. It allows racism in America to go unheard, and we can stop it.

Local elections are critical to changing things and holding them to justice. In many cases, local officials can hold office for decades. Part of this is due to the lack of involvement in local elections. Small elections do not get the coverage needed to inform voters, and voters often feel that local elections do not matter. If the people would hold those elected accountable and remove corrupt officials from office, it would be a step forward to battling corruption and racial injustice.

In my opinion, these are the actions we need to combat future generations of hate. We can do this together. We might be seeing racism in America. But you can stop it. Together and united. We stand with you. #BlackLivesMatter

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