Opinion: How Trump’s Foreign Policy Is A Catastrophic Failure


When Donald Trump was elected as president in 2016, he campaigned on bringing great deals with other nations. However, since his election, Trump’s foreign policy has been nothing but a failure. Deals the United States were once part of have no fell into the hands of China. Our key alliances now look elsewhere for stability and security. The United States’ credibility has never been lower, and it is all due to Trump’s lack of understanding of foreign politics and the power of the media to hold him to the truth.

Even if you choose to ignore Trump’s disregard for Covid-19, it is clear his strategy for foreign policy, as well as internal, is no strategy at all. Trump has made it his goal to shake and damage relations to our NATO allies, and loudly support dictatorships. His soft spot for authoritarian leaders can be seen internally as well, with his failed attempts to lash out in an authoritarian way. However, thankfully many of our laws and institutions prohibit him from doing so. You can read more of this in the article we wrote about Section 230.

Trump pulling out of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) was just one of his monumental failures. As a result, China seized its opportunity to make a new pacific agreement without the United States. This failed trade foreign policy eroded a foundation of partnership and trust between critical nations in the United States sphere of influence against China. However, Trump’s failure of foreign policy against China doesn’t end there.

China’s Grasp On The World

Due to Trump’s complete misunderstanding of the global political chessboard, he has empowered China and turned allies into China’s hands. His lack of ability to foresee consequences has resulted in himself being outwitted in every policy made. Foreign leaders have taken advantage of the administration’s poor ability to strategize. As a result, China has got a sphere of influence spanning Asia, Africa, and even Europe. In complete honesty, it is unclear rather or not, the Trump administration has noticed.

China has bought ports in nearly every major trade harbor from Honk Kong to London. This easily allows Chinese influence and intervention in global trade. The strategy they have adopted would allow economic strangulation of India, as well as cutting the United States sphere of influence in Asia. Countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia are now home to new Chinese infrastructure projects and business investments. As a result, China has effectively become what the Soviet Union could not. A diplomatic, economic powerhouse, with the military opportunity to rival NATO if it so wished.

Trump's United States Foreign Policy Failure. foreign, foreign policy, failure.
Some of the ports China has gained in its control of global trade.

Instead, it is to my belief that China is using this new policy and power to control global economies to be dependent on trading with China. My prediction is China would like to remove the threat of the United States’ global influence and instead create its own across Asia and the world. Historically China had been the same for nearly 3000 years and owned vast lands and tributaries across Asia. European nations envied to have what China did and based their exploration around finding new trade routes to China.

How Do We React?

It appears China has been careful not to repeat the mistakes of other empires in history. Their authoritarian approach has become one that allows foreign diplomacy and trade. Such was a cause for the collapse of the Soviet Union. They have played a diplomatic game. Trump appears not to understand. Instead, our NATO allies are looking to China as a stable partner that the United States currently is not. I fear if our approach to foreign policy does not change, we will be living in a Chinese Era.

Our Nation needs to invest in foreign policy. We should help our friends and potential friends. We should offer an open hand to those who seek friendship. Free trade is critical for the economy and products we love and use every day. Tariffs do not hurt anyone except honest allied countries. In recent years the European Union has attempted to root out China from Europe. Any attempts however were rejected by nations China has already gotten a sphere on such as Greece and Portugal. China will not be a country we can crush out through economics. What will work has yet to be seen. However, As of now, our nation has a foreign policy failure.

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