Opinion: Covid-19 After The Protests


Covid-19 embraced the world for months. Within an instant, the United States awoke. George Floyd’s brutal murder and the racial injustice sparked mass demonstrations. People defied quarantines, social distancing, gathering limits, and all other restrictions to protest. Many wore masks, but many didn’t. The question on many people’s minds is, “What will happen with Covid-19 after the protests?”

When people went on their day to day lives and even after practicing social distancing, the United States confirmed case count soared past 1 million. 100,000 Americans were dead just days before George Floyd died. These numbers were after two months of quarantine orders. So what does this mean?

Well, a city official in Houston stated that on Tuesday, at one time, 60,000 protesters on the streets of Houston alone. As a result, 60,000 people possibly exposed and exposed to their families. If you take into account that is one city out of the hundreds holding densely packed protests, the numbers could be staggering.

Illustration of Covid-19 virus.
Illustration of Covid-19 virus. By ALISSA ECKERT, DAN HIGGINS/CDC

What We May See Ahead

The cause supporting #BlackLivesMatter is incredibly important and one for the history books. However, I do not believe that people have considered the aftermath of this regarding the world’s situation. Fighting for equality is worthy of sacrifice, but we may be looking at millions of more cases of Covid-19 after the protests.

I believe there was already going to be a surge of a second wave due to the unrest to reopen the market quickly. However, this unforeseen tragedy has sparked a more aggressive way for Covid-19 to spread. In my opinion, the second wave has just amplified many times worse. If it gets too out of hand, we may have to reclose the economy and start over again.

There have been many uninformed people shouting on social media, claiming they see no new COVID cases. We are two weeks behind it. In a short time, we will see the data and tests showing what the demonstrations did to spread Coronavirus. You can keep up to date on all the Covid-19 developments on the CDC website.



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