Officers Around The Country Join Protests To End The Brutality


Over the last several days, it is easy to get caught up in the chaos and terrible scenes during protests. However, several pictures and videos show officers around the country join protests to end the brutality. Videos and images online surfaced on social media from many demonstrations. Police officers in California, Missouri, North Dakota, Michigan, New Jersey, and many other locations are supporting protesters. Below is a list of social media posts showing the unity between officers and protesters during these trying times.

A tweet by Santa Cruz, California, police department as an officer kneels with protesters.
A twitter post by Beth Doane showing an officer marching with protesters.
Here a local business filmed officers joining protesters in taking a knee in memorial of George Floyd.
The local sheriff in Flint, Michigan, happily marches with his men along side protesters.

The posts above are just some of the findings on social media of officers around the country joining protests. Media uploaded showing the unity between officers and protesters are a heartwarming relief from recent events. Hopefully, in the days to come, we will see more officers around the country join protests to end police brutality. Read our article regarding the African American protesters protecting a stranded cop.

Background Behind The Protests

On Monday, May 25th, 2020, a video was taken by observing bystanders as police arrested African American man, George Floyd, age 46. The video which has since gone viral shows officers kneeling on Floyd’s neck, while in handcuffs, against the pavement. George Floyd was put into handcuffs after a call reporting an alleged forgery. Police confronted Floyd after matching him to the description of the alleged suspect. Afterward, the responding police claimed he was resisting arrest. However, the video shows Floyd helpless on the ground under the weight of several officers, including Officer Derek Chauvin. He is seen on the video to have his knee pinning Floyd’s neck. Floyd later, unfortunately, died at the hospital.

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