Black Lives Matter vs Confederates at Branson, Missouri


On Saturday, June 27th, 2020, protesters for Black Lives Matter had a showdown against Confederate supporters at Dixie Outfitters in Branson, Missouri. We at was there at the scene. I was protesting on the side of the Black Lives Matter movement. Tensions were high as we protested against the Confederates and their store Dixie Outfitters. Dixie Outfitters is known to have ties to the KKK.

The protest began as a march down hwy 76. After arriving, the police were already in place to keep the peace between the two sides. There was intense, careful planning and precautions put in place by the Black Lives Matter and Branson PD.

Video shot by Our Society Today

Tensions Were Rising

In the days leading up to the protests, there were several threats of violence. For the best of OurSocietyToday’s knowledge, they appeared to be all on the Confederate’s side. Calls to come armed and “eliminate” the Black Lives Matter “threat.”

Tensions were high as the Black Lives Matter side chanted for equality and the safety of Black people. The Confederates responded with replies like “All lives matter” or “You’re the racists.”

At one point, a woman was shouting across the road that all of the Black Lives Matter protesters were ANTIFA Democrats bussed in from Saint Louis, Missouri. (About 4 hours away.) Many suggested that the BLM protesters were all paid to be there because “No one would do it for free.”

At one point hwy 76 was closed for traffic so the BLM side could cross to meet the Confederates head-on. Tensions nearly boiled over before both side’s leaders pushed their people back following separation by police.

Confederates Yelling Hate

On some local news stations, videos showed some Confederate supporters claiming not to be racist, just defending their heritage. However, others were shouting racist slurs and saying to “Go back to Africa.”

There were also allegations after the protests that Confederate protesters were shouting towards the teenage girls on the BLM side and making inappropriate comments to them.

As a result of all of the tension, only one individual from the Confederate side was detained. He was held was after he made several threatening remarks and stepped onto the street many times despite police warning.

There were also moments where the Confederate protesters yelled across “You are lucky the police are there to protect you. We would have already come and kicked your ass.”

There were also allegations that the BLM side was stirring violence and spewing hate. While I have seen no videos yet proving this, nor did I see it myself, we cannot confirm that at the moment.

Black Lives Matter protesters engage Confederate counter-protesters outside Dixie Outfitters at Branson, Missouri
Black Lives Matter leaders confronting Confederate counter-protesters. (Image taken from unidentified person)


For a brief moment, both sides got up close and talked. A man from the Confederate side said he wasn’t a racist, and the BLM protester’s leader apologized accusing him of such. Both teams shook hands for a moment before tensions rose again.

People on both sides of the protests were open carrying weapons as well. One member of the Arkansas Hate Watch was there on the BLM side open carrying a shotgun. However, you could see Confederates carrying AR-15s and open holstered handguns.

Missouri is a constitutional carry state making conceal and open carry legal without permits in Branson and the rest of Missouri. The police seemed unbothered by the open carry of such weapons as did protesters.

More updates over protests will be made as situations arise in Branson, Missouri.

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