African American Men Protect Separated Police Officer During Riots/Protests

The images above show a stranded officer being protected by African Americans during equal rights protests/riots.

This post was added to Instagram by referee_mike_beltran. It’s unknown what city or date these protests transpired. However, the images show an unidentified police officer that lost contact with his squadron guarded by African American Protesters. The situation could have quickly become very life-threatening and tragic as anger against police officers sparked riots across the nation.

The officer photographed by protesters with a concerned, perhaps fearful expression. However, things quickly took a positive turn when African American protesters decided they wanted to convey a message to the world. The news these men sent when they chose to lock arms and protect the vulnerable police officer was one of peace and respect. A clear goal was in place when they decided that they wanted to show the world that they would be better than how African Americans victimized by society. The men in this photo wanted to end hate towards both sides and protect an innocent man just as Derek Chauvin should have protected George Floyd.

Protests were raging, some into riots, throughout the week into Saturday morning following the death of George Floyd. Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Louiseville, Memphis, New York, Dallas, and many other major US cities were ground zero for protests and riots. As a result, there were deaths on both sides of the demonstrations but less importantly, damage. These men in this story showed us the good in humanity. Hopefully, during the next coming protests, we will continue to see acts like this one unfold!

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Instagram post taken from referee_mike_beltran.



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