A Mask Mandate, #MeToo Protest, And Brian Seitz Offensive Posts. Branson, Missouri.


It has been two weeks since Branson made national news once again. This time it was for a mask mandate debate that turned into an 8-hour meeting full of wacky individuals of all kinds. Between a Mask Mandate, #MeToo protest at Dixie Outfitters, and Brian Seitz making hateful remarks, these last two weeks since have indeed been filled with newsworthy events.

Once again, this will be an article stating things from my perspective. There are a lot of my opinions here but everything I say directly or state my opinion on

Brian Seitz Makes Hateful Remarks

The week opened up after a series of hateful posts that were made by Brian Seitz were shown to me. After investigating myself, I found the claims to be accurate.

Brian Seitz is a Republican running against Karen Best for State Representative of the 156th district.

Here is a post I made followed by the screenshots of his posts after addressing the campaign I have been helping lead against him.

Interestingly his wife addressed my post after his son had been battling me and others all day over it refusing to acknowledge his father’s statements. After this interaction, she blocked me.

Brian Seitz' wife trying to intimidate me accusing me of being close to slander.
Valerie Seitz warning me of slander despite my words not being so.

A List Of Hateful Remarks Said By Brian Seitz

  • “Press 1 For English, 2 if you wish to be deported.”
  • “Transgenders are confused, psychologically damaged, or perverted.”
  • “I am in a mood (obviously my feminine side)”
  • “Yoga is the gateway to Hinduism.”
  • “Democrats and their evil beliefs must be destroyed” (Referring to coming out in support of homosexual and lesbian marriages.)
  • “I expect all the boys will be at the carwash today, cleaning their vehicles so they can ravage our daughters.” (Referring to prom night)
  • “For one night they need to change the law so fathers can punch someone in the face if necessary (If they are over 15)”
  • “Men dressed as women (a sinful psychological disease)”
  • “As far as I’m concerned, we can deport these witches too (or send them to the middle east where they don’t abide such things.)
    “All the complaints on sexual harassment, degradation of women, etc. Top box Office for women? New 50 shades of grey. Hypocritical.”
  • “Liberalism is a psychological disease.”

I personally, as well as many of my friends and those close to me have found his remarks disgusting. They are the exact type of hateful speech that my friends and I fight against.

He also spoke at the mask debate against the mask mandate. When his time was up, he tried to circumnavigate the rules and spoke over his time despite the Mayor instructing him to stop.

Despite all of the hurtful remarks he has made, he still has a core supporter following in the Branson Area.

#MeToo At Dixie Outfitters

Not long after the Black Lives Matter protest outside Dixie Outfitters, Four women came out with accusations of sexual assault. These girls, who were teenagers at the time, came out with screenshots of conversations between themselves and the owners of Dixie Outfitters. The owner’s wife, Anna Robb’s dad, Bill, was the accused assaulter.

These accusations were enough to warrant the Branson PD to investigate these claims, especially since the women were minors at the time of the accused assaults.

To stand in solidarity with these brave women, many of the organizers and local activist leaders organized yet another protest outside Dixie Outfitters with the #MeToo movement slogan.

In the days leading up to the protests, many Dixie Outfitter supporters came out accusing the women of being paid, liars, making cruel remarks, and trying to rally people to protest in support of Dixie.

No one showed up to counter-protest, which was a massive relief to the girls that attended. It gave a lot of us hope for the people of Branson not to come out and support such disgusting acts.

The Branson PD, once again, was excellent in protecting us during the protest. They patrolled where our vehicles were parked to ensure they were ok. Officers were patrolling around us to ensure no one threatened us.

It was coincidental that it was Dixie Outfitters. We all take sexual assault seriously just as we do racism. We would have protested any store that allowed this to go on.

Hate Still Showed Itself

Anna and Nathan still refuse to fire Bill. They claimed they have evidence showing his innocence; however, they are yet to provide anything.

We endured many insults and angry people as well as people making disgusting remarks supporting pedophilia entering Dixie Outfitters.

A few angry people rushed up to us and got into our faces yelling. After talking to them, they calmed down, seemed to understand, and left.

During one engagement, an unknown bystander called the police. The police stopped by checked on us, and we confirmed everything was ok, and they left but stayed close by.

It was a very frightening experience for one of the women who attended. In the end, when it was over, we marched back where we parked and called it a day.

The Meeting and Mask Mandate

Then came the day for the second mask mandate meeting. If you haven’t read about the first one click here.

It started just as packed as the first time. A majority of the crowd was not wearing a mask despite city law to wear one in city buildings.

The assistant police chief confronted the crowd telling them to wear their mask or get up and tell the front desk why they cant. The crowd erupted, complaining about HIPAA. I interjected correcting them that HIPAA does not protect you from being asked to wear a mask as a USA Today article confirmed it. The officer happily replied that I was correct and that he was not a health official and made them comply.

I sat next to Audrey Richards, who is running for Congress representing the 7th district. I had only met her briefly before as she was at the last meeting in support of the mandate as well.

This time the public response was limited to three minutes each, 30 minutes maximum, and to Branson residents and taxpayers only. This was to try and avoid the insanity from the last meeting and due to another meeting at 6 pm.

Just like last time, some people were unhinged. Brian Seitz spoke against it. I spoke as well, and to summarize, I went over the long term effects, history of masks working, and told them for the sake of our economy and people we have to try at least.

At the end the aldermen made their comments.

Bill Skains said, “I heard some things here today that really concern me. And I call them selfish.” – Voted Yes

The crowd started to boo and the mayor called for order.

Bob Simmons said, “If we do this right, maybe we can avoid a shut down again.”

Jeff Seay said, “These are the people who treat us, so we have to put some weight into what they say.” (Referring to the expert doctors.)

Jamie Whiteis said, “We have to at least try.”

People began to boo and shout as they knew the mandate would pass. One gentleman began to shout tyranny towards the alderman. A woman began to as well, and the officers removed both.

As expected by their comments, the mandate passed 4 to 1 with Larry Milton against it. I was so relieved and went up to the podium to thank the alderman and mayor for what they had done for us. I feel my family will be much more protected with a mask mandate in place.

The assistant police chief approached me later and spoke to me. He is an awesome guy. The police have consistently been welcoming to me at all the meetings and supportive.

In the end i feel it is a huge win for Branson and will keep us and our guests safe.

Joining Audrey Richard’s Campaign

The day after, I met with Audrey Richards and joined her campaign as the Head of Taney County Outreach. My job will be to network and promote her campaign among my activist ties and politicians I know and interact within the area.

Audrey Richards is an independent running against Billy Long for the 7th Congressional district in Missouri. I firmly believe in what she is doing and running as an independent is difficult because not many media will give you the time of day.

I recommend you click on any of the links to her website in this article and see what she stands for.



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